Read me. For What This Blog

"Read me. For what this Blog". this statement something like in preface on my book or in program software. :). yeah this personal blog i have planned for months but till now it just realize. I think never late for me to learn. :D. On this day, that all of people connected, and like me one of people want to make different of my life. yeeay this blog. this blog are able to learn, discuss, or many others,

This Blog i belong to my own world. i create this blog for challenge me to realize my dreams. my personal blog to know who I am. what i have done for  period of my life. i hope every one knows. this blog talk about engineering, Design, my lovely object. i have to realize one by one of my dreams. recently my personal blog has a content my experience in engineering it self. :). for my inspiration. thanks to Allah, My Dad and my Mom. my old sister and all of my team.

a will update ASAP

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