An Introduction Solidworks, An User Friendly CAD Design

In the present era, market share of CAD (Computer Aided Design)  still held by Auto Desk with several variants ranging from the most basic in the Auto Cad, until variant especially for civil engineering, architecture till design 3D Animation. one of alternative application is Solidworks, Solidworks is the Product of the companies Dassault Systems. as competitors of auto desk, SolidWorks gives a different concept in designing and drawing. Solidworks sketch to start promoting the image, without having perpendicular and suitable size in the initial sketch, and then given certain parameters. operation of Solidworks is user friendly and impressive 3D display makes some companies that promote products to consumers, often turning to these applications.

My introduction to this program is accidental when surfing in cyberspace and technical forums. first look, I was pretty impressed. and the I started looking for Trial Version on the internet to install on my pc. appears after trying several times. I was impressed because, the ANSYS program on a personal computer to be add in the Solidworks for modeling. up without having exporting models, can be directly transferred to the ANSYS model. see how the model in ANSYS are clutter-free and look good and a little less once the video tutorials on the internet, I tried to switch to SOLIDWORKS simple modeling. My previous use in export ing Cad model into ANSYS Design Modeller, but when I pair to pair with Solidworks results of the model that is exported from CAD and SolidWorks with a certain complexity, the mesh ANSYS result of more rigorous models SOLIDWORKS visible from each part connection.

In any worksheet view available tutorials are easy to understand, so that anything can be made in the SolidWorks model. if you ever used applications from Siemens Solid Edge. it was almost the same operation each stages, with the initial 3 yiatu front plane Plane, Top Plane, and Right Plane. make the modeling work becomes more real. one of which I took from the internet.

During work I try to do. presumably all models can be made in this application, such as a ship or floating structure. because I need a building form under water, so I do not need the building modeled in more detail. so as needed. results are also satisfactory. because previously only using cad, software or ship MAxsurf

Besides, it also turned out to be a Fix Structure modeling in SolidWorks.

Solidworks is also contained in the simulation. is to analyze models that have been created earlier. quite complete. additionally there are also uses for piping, electrical or pressure vessel. Another time we will try to discuss it.

any application certainly has its advantages and disadvantages,

Excess of the SolidWorks application include:
  • User friendly, very easy to use
  • Easily search for references and tutorials on the internet
  • 3d depiction rendernya very good and realistic, on Autodesk
  • The package is quite complete module in addition to simulation, there are also piping, electrical, plastics, molding,
  • Very applicable and easy to join in with the other analysis software, such as ANSYS
  • Depiction of 2D detail drawing, annotation, section, thickness, 3D View. fairly easy and can be done automatically without making one after another.

Moderate deficiency of SolidWorks are:
  • Simply take a large computer spec around 6GB, not including when the simulation and rendering
  • Requires minimum graphics card spec class gamers, but that's recommended is higher than just gamers, NVIDIA Quadro class, or ATI FirePro
  • minimum 4 gb ram
  • in terms of simulation, it is still advisable to ANSYS or Catia is high end, because the level of SolidWorks is pretty mid end
  • maximum line length is 1000 m

Application is simply a tool to help facilitate users in their job. otherwise it is GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) that require engineering judgment in each working out. : D. good or not this application depends on the wearer's needs. probably faster processing with other CAD.

My advice if you want to use an application such as this, can call Selles to demonstrate a usual work colleagues do, for example, in drawing up a detailed drawing machine to take 5 hours, maybe how long seller can solve your work are . The consideration may be to buy an app.

If there are elders and masters in this field, please corrections

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