PLEM Cathodic Protection Calculation at Conventional Buoy Mooring

CLIENT : PT Pertamina

PT. PERTAMINA (Persero) Direktorat Pemasaran dan Niaga plans to build 1 unit of CBM (CBM: Conventional Buoy Mooring) at Ternate for maintaining oil product supply at Ternate. The CBM mooring facilities for vessel 3500 - 6500 DWT will locate at Ternate coastal shore. Mooring system will be designed with several buoys, it is known using the concept of Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM). 

This scope contains study and calculation PLEM cathodic protection in accordance with DNV-RP-B401. The result of this analysis determines the recommended cathodic protection in a submerged marine environment. 

Slender aluminum standoff type sacrificial anode with a trapezoidal cross-section configuration was proposed to be used for PLEM. This is illustrated in the below figure. 

The calculation of cathodic protection based on the area exposed to seawater. The calculation as a below snapshot.