Reserved Strength Ratio Collapse Analysis

Project Location: Kerisi CPP
Area: Hiu Kerisi 
Client : Conoco Philip

Kerisi Central Processing Platform (CPP) owned and operated by ConocoPhillips Indonesia was installed in 2007. This platform was designed with 8 legs/piles and all leg/pile annuli are grouted. During construction, one pile, namely Pile A3, was failed to be installed properly and considered ineffective (loss). This assessment presents the RSR collapse analysis of Kerisi CPP by deriving 100 years of storm condition that could cause the platform to collapse. The analysis was carried out in compliance with Government of Indonesia requirements and the Codes, Standards, and Specifications as presented in the Design Parameters Section.

The purpose of Kerisi CPP assessment is to check the reserve strength ratio (RSR) of the platform in its latest reported condition, especially considering one loss pile, to withstand the loads imposed by operational activities and environmental loads for 100 years storm conditions by non-linear analysis.