Working Load Limit Calculation Between Cable Laid Grommet based on IMCA and BS EN Standard (2)

Previously our post regarding  Working Load Limit based on IMCA 179 and BS EN 13414-3 Standard. Now we post about comparison in 2 type calculations.  

Working Load Limit Cable Laid Grommet Based on IMCA M179. See below Screenshot. 

 Working Load Limit Cable Laid Grommet Based on BSEN 13414-3. See below Snapshot
Based on those 2 calculation, IMCA and BSEN, we conclude that the value of WLL (4leg) are similar. 

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  1. mantap.nilai(ANGKA) D=95mm dan d1=84mm dari mana asalnya'dan bagaimana cara mencarinya angka tsb.IMCA M179


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